Why Should You Use Shortened URLs?

Brevity is crucial in these contexts, and long, unwieldy URL links, such as the 140 characters permitted by Twitter, will often not even fit within the allocated space permitted. Many people use URL-shortening servNot only personal messages but also website promotion and marketing have become staples of social networking and micro-blogging.ices to turn those long web addresses into far shorter ones that take up less space and avoid copying and pasting long URLs.

For other uses, consider the benefits of short URLs, and they also call them encurtador de url as well. If, for example, you copy a long web address for someone else's use in an email, it is entirely possible that if they copy it, they might make a mistake, mainly if it is long enough to span several lines of text. Inexperienced web users often copy one line of a URL, click "back," copy another line, and so on. The URL will not function after the "returns" are added. On the other hand, a short URL is easy to use around.

encurtador de url

There are hundreds of URL shortening sites now that can very quickly do this job for you. Some of them have extra features. You can define a portion of the resulting URL with another, making it more applicable to the site to which it links. For some, you get features like virus checkers and links to monitoring statistics for the shortest emails. There are also short URL services, such as bitly, that allow you to earn commissions for clicks on pages that go to the site with the shortened URL.

The form of redirect used by URL sharpeners may or may not link credit to the long URL associated with the short one. A 301 redirect informs a search engine that the short and the original URL are permanently linked and transfers the link credit through the short URL. A 302 redirect informs the search engine through the short one, not to confer link credit to the original URL.

For example, for links going to your site, you would want to make sure that the URL shortened uses 301 redirects, while you would want to use a shortened URL that uses 302 redirects for links going to a competitor's site. If you intend to use URL-shortening services to boost your site's search engine optimization, make sure that you select a site that provides analytics to determine precisely how those short addresses are used to bring traffic to the site.

In short, the use of short URLs is every day because it makes it easier to post, copy, and paste unnecessarily long URLs, and because they take up far less valuable real estate pages on social networking and micro-blogging sites. You can also use short URL services, such as encurtador de URL, to boost your website's ranking if you choose carefully, and you will be able to see for yourself how a specific mini-URL works in bringing traffic to your website.